From a Parent:

"The school's mission includes responding to this generation's challenges such as ecological integrity, the need to foster local community, and discerning and using efficient technology.  It helps to make the educational material meaningful in an authentic way. It also underlines our responsibility as citizens to apply what we're learning, beginning now."

All schools have to figure out what its most important outcomes are – we simply can’t teach everything. At Four Rivers, we have determined our focus targets from the state curriculum frameworks, various reports about what some call twenty first century skills and reports about the skills and qualities most important for success in college.


INVESTIGATORS:  Four Rivers students actively seek out, synthesize, and apply new information; they investigate topics through a variety of sources, ideas and viewpoints.

CRITICAL THINKERS: Four Rivers students explain texts, research, concepts or ideas by looking at parts to understand the whole. They use evidence to support arguments and conclusions. They independently explain, analyze, synthesize and use information from different sources. Students design and test solutions to problems; they find multiple ways to solve a problem and analyze the effects of different solutions; they use creativity look at known conditions in new ways. Students approach problems, ideas and information with an open mind; they consider multiple perspectives. They make connections across subject areas.

COMMUNICATORS: Four Rivers students share knowledge and ideas through speaking, writing, media, and art. Students craft organized, articulate, compelling, focused communication for defined purposes and audiences.

STRONG SUBJECT AREA KNOWLEDGE:   Four Rivers students demonstrate a depth of knowledge, fluency with tools and techniques, and understanding of the concepts that are central to the subject areas they study.


EFFECTIVE LEARNERS:  Four Rivers students develop the mindsets and habits for success in college, career, and life (e.g.,responsibility, perseverance, problem-solving, collaboration). They employ strong Habits of Work and Learning (HOWLs), reflect on themselves as learners, advocate for their academic needs, and persevere through struggles and challenge. They stretch beyond their comfort zone.

ETHICAL PEOPLE WHO CONTRIBUTE TO A BETTER WORLD:  Four Rivers students treat others well and stand up for what is right. They demonstrate personal and academic integrity; they show respect for themselves and others in what they say and do; they show compassion for all members of the community. Four Rivers students put their learning to use to increase sustainability and improve communities through service and citizenship.


Four Rivers students create authentic work that demonstrates original thinking and voice, connection to real-world issues and formats, and meaning to the community beyond school. They create complex work that demonstrates their mastery of knowledge and skills. Four Rivers students create work that is accurate and beautiful in conception and execution.